One of the oldest methods and frequently used in testing for drugs in a person is urine drug testing. Testing for drugs in a person's urine are the most accurate, inexpensive and yet swift method used in screening for use of drugs in people. The other reason why urine drug testing is preferred is because it is less invasive and relatively safer than other testing methods. Urine drug test result is ordinarily available within 24hours to 48hours of taking the test, a fact that makes the procedure to be preferred by persons in need of the drug test results.



By the virtue that every city has dozens of testing laboratories, the major reason why anyone will choose one testing lab over the other is convenience. Normally, visits to drug testing laboratories happen to be short because; most of them will be situated close to the specific company. The potential employees of the company will simply walk in, sign not many releases then before being allowed to produce their urine samples. The centers allow the prospective employees to partly close the lavatory doors to maintain some form of privacy. The need to produce urine samples in the full view of the firm is eliminated because; urine analysis can spot masking agents. The complete process is usually over in roughly 20 minutes with the results being available in several hours.


Whereas urine drug analysis has been the most frequently used drug screening method by employers, ingenious scientists have produced tools to by-pass the tests. A wide variety of products can be found in specialty store and online as well. You may click here to understand more about the synthetic urine in testing.


Drug testing centers have started testing for masking agents and, this has led to emergence of synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is an artificially synthesized matter that imitates the chemical properties, composition and the look of human urine. The primary use of synthetic urine is to calibrate urine testing equipment in a laboratory; however, they are now used to pass drug tests. If you want ot read more about Synthetic Urine, visit at Synergetic urine is very similar to normal human urine having all its key elements including organic elements like creatine, urea and uric acid; plus the inorganic elements such as phosphates, sulfates and ammonia.



The urine is mostly available in powder form, but is also available in liquid form. The synthetic urine is bought with a thermometer and container where it can simply be mixed with water. The synthetic urine temperature will be just right for several hours. Synthetic urine includes all properties of normal human urine tested in a lab. The human body temperature and all chemicals present in human urine will be detected during the lab test and the results are quite believable. Please check out if you have questions.